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The goal of Flora Singapura is to bridge the gap between the terse technical descriptions of plants found in the various botanical text books and what we observe in the (Singapore) forests. I approach this by using photographs and commentary to illustrate and describe the identifying field characters of the trees and shrubs that from time to time command my attention. There are some 2000 species of native vascular plants in Singapore and so far I have only a modest number of species illustrated, I will add to the content as often as I can.
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Thanks to National Parks Board staff Chew Ping Ting, Chua Yen Kheng, Derek Liew, Mishak Shunari, Paul Leong, Serena Lee, Sharon Chan and Sunia Teo for helping with plant ID's, advice and field trips - also to my friends Angie Ng, Celine Low, Chan Kwok Wai, Joseph Lai, Ng Bee Choo, Nick Baker, Robert Teo, Shawn Lum, Teo Siyang, Vilma D'Rozario and Yeo Suay Hwee who have contributed to the content of Flora Singapura in many and various ways.