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Palaquium obovatum

Common Names: 
Taban Puteh (White Gutta)
This tall forest tree is an all round great looking tree - the branches of the crown point outwards and upwards making for a very unique crown profile (see photos below). The leaves are a coppery colour particularly on the underside and the tree can produce impressive spreading plank buttresses. With the spirally arranged obvate leaves, buttressed trunk and upward pointing limbs, this tree is fairly easy to recognize in the field. Scented Flowers are produced along the stems behind the leaves, an impressive display if you are fortunate to encounter the tree in such a fertile state. 
There is a large specimen of this species near the start of the Macritchie board walk or at the Seletar Reservoir park at a left hand bend in the road near the dam wall. The crown form of the Seletar Reservoir Park tree is best observed from the footpath that runs along the dam wall.
During the week of 14 February 2011 all of the P. obovatum trees at Botanic Gardens were flowering, however those in the Nature Reserves were not.

Crown of the Upper Seletar Reservoir Park tree.
Buttress of  a large P. obovatum @ MacRitchie Board Walk.
Flowering @ Botanic Gardens - 14 Febrary 2011
A closer look at the flowering.

When in flower, many fallen flower heads will litter the ground
Fallen leaf drying from bright green to a copper colour
further drying - the whole underside becomes copper.
Red-brown colour of top side of leaf.
Leaves are arranged in spiral fashion.
Underside of leave showing venation (Sentosa).
Plank Buttresses and generous leaf litter at Sentosa Island.
Up-Skirt of P obovatum @ Macritchie Board Walk.
A closer look at the fissured bark