If you’re looking for an all-around sleepwear that can handle temperature fluctuations and is easy on your allergies, cotton sheets should be in your search list. Cotton is a natural fabric that has proven it time and again that it’s up to the task of keeping you warm and dry during the night. There are many different thread counts to choose from and weaves to choose from as well, but the highest quality cotton sheets are generally breathable, easy to care for, and soft. In fact, cotton sheets tend to be so comfortable and soft that many people even wear them to bed!

The most common choice for cotton sheets is Egyptian cotton sheets. These types of sheets are all natural cotton made in the traditional cotton production methods used throughout Egypt for hundreds of years. The most prominent features of these sheets are their light weight and the sheen of the cotton. Because Egyptian cotton sheets are so soft and so light, they are great for use as bedding. This is especially important if you have an allergy to other heavier fabrics.

Like Egyptian cotton sheets, Japanese silk cotton sheets offer a unique spin on the classic fabric style. Unlike Egyptian cotton sheets, they feature a higher thread count and higher weight. They are also extremely durable. Like Egyptian sheets, they are extremely comfortable and lightweight. But unlike Egyptian cotton sheets, they also offer exceptional durability due to their durability and the superior quality of the weave. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link microfiber vs cotton sheets.

Another popular choice among bedding enthusiasts are those made with pure cotton. Pure cotton sheets offer a soft, subtle feel compared to many synthetic fibers. Because they lack the physical properties of some of the more durable materials used in making cotton sheets (such as rayon or microfiber), they are less expensive than the other types of sheets we’ve discussed thus far. However, they are also softer. Softer is not necessarily better, but many people prefer the gentle feel associated with pure cotton.

How long do you want your bed linen to last? The most popular choices are those that are designed to last up to three years. However, even these long-lasting sheets may not be able to withstand very high temperatures or humidity, so you will need to keep them in a cool, dry place during the winter. If you’re going to go with one of the Egyptian cotton sheets in particular, you may find that the Sheik al-Sheikh Bed in Nairobi sheets offers excellent durability and quality for this type of bed sheet set. These sheets come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including classic black and white motifs. There’s also the matching sham and valances for this popular sheet set.

What about the thread count of polyester sheets? They may be more expensive than cotton sheets made from cotton, but they are said to be less susceptible to mildew. They are also less likely to break, and many claim that the shelled texture polyester sheets provide helps to reduce pressure points. This, along with the durability, quality and comfort offered by Egyptian cotton sheets, make polyester sheets a top choice for many people when it comes to buying bed linens.

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