Mobile ultrasound imaging service” was a bit confusing last time I looked up ultrasound imaging on the internet. I had to go through the medical terminology (arterial, venous, abdominal and cranial) and learn what exactly the ultrasound machine is. “Mobile ultrasound,” I finally decided, is when the doctor has one of those little machines that can be seen through the shirt sleeve and it is like a mobile ultrasound machine. This leads to me asking, “What are the other types of services we offer?” A whole bunch of new information about ultrasound imaging came into my head. Here is a short list of some of the other categories of services we offer:

“Urine analysis/services.” This is one of the more popular categories of services we offer. You can get urine analysis, the standard profile urine test, and sometimes even the specialized Profile Urine Test (profile urine, profile blood).

“Thoracic scope imaging.” Here is a description of what we offer. We use a high resolution, light and sound source to create an image of a part of the patient that must be seen with the aid of equipment. Usually a dog or cat patient is fine; however, for some people, there are often problems with blood vessels located around the neck, chest, or shoulder area. Ultrasound wave technology can often solve these problems, and we also use specialized scopes for these problems.

“Cardiac study.” A cardiac study may include a variety of things. Some of the options include percutaneous coronary Intervention (PCI), electrocardiograph (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), and electrophysiology (EPG). The word wergoths means “winged animal,” so we are good at Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.

“Ultrasound wave mammography.” A common application for our mobile technicians is ultrasound wave mammography. This is a very specific type of mammography. It is a type of diagnostic imaging used to determine the mass and vascular density of a particular part of a body organ, like the breast or abdominal region. Typically, it is done in the peritoneal cavity (the largest organ in the body) in order to get images of the organs, tissues, bones, and other elements. Mobile ultrasound technicians are highly trained individuals who have been certified in the detection of various masses, diseases, tumors, and other abnormalities that can be life threatening.

The benefits of having a mobile ultrasound imaging service in Worcestershire is the ability to get specialized care when needed. You do not have to wait on a specific time frame in order to get an appointment with a specialist, and you will typically be seen within a short period of time once your session is complete. Many times you will find that your physician is actually traveling between visits in order to give more personalized care to each individual client. You will also find that the diagnostic equipment associated with a mobile ultrasound imaging service in Worcester is quite compact and can be transported easily from one location to another.

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