One of the big problems of Tesla at is High leverage in the past. Corporate leverage is relatively high for the company. As of March 31, 2016, Tesla had approximately $ 2.5 billion in long-term debt and equity leases on its balance sheet, accounting for approximately 72% of total capital. By comparison, the available liquidity is only $ 1.4 billion. Paying interest on this debt is very important and can continue to reduce income. If a company defaults on its obligations due to insufficient cash flow, it may have to cut back or postpone investments and capital expenditures, which could hinder future growth. Cutting-edge technology In 2011, automakers made more than $ 200 million in revenue, with recent sales of more than $ 4 billion. Tesla is also investing heavily to build a GigaFactory in Nevada.

Another important feature of the company is Tesla can be divided into two segments. These are the Automotive and battery industries. While its batteries are for the automotive industry, Tesla can work with other manufacturers by having the world’s most advanced batteries in its division. We supply batteries for electric vehicles. Toyota and Mercedes recently launched Tesla batteries in the Rav4 and Mercedes B-class. In addition, we are currently building a huge $ 5 billion battery plant in 2020 that will produce more lithium-ion batteries than total production.

How the Company back on Track

Here, Apple Macintosh computer products served as digital hubs for various digital devices such as iPods, iPhones, and other electronic devices. Sales and Service Strategies Unlike traditional franchise sales models in the automotive industry, Tesla sells and sells vehicles directly to consumers. It sells online through a global network of business-owned stores by phone, direct sales at headquarters and corporate events.

In this regard, Tesla’s sales strategy draws another clue from Apple Computer. In fact, in 2010, Tesla hired former Apple CEO George Blankenship as vice president of design and store development to build a retail strategy and network (Tesla, 2010). Blankenship was one of the most successful retail growth strategies in history during his employment with Apple. As a result, Apple has repeatedly been recognized by Fortune Magazine as “the best retailer in the United States.” You can check its cash flow at before investing.

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