Norway is known for its beautiful nature with fjords, tall mountains, long summer nights with midnight sun and mystical winter… The colorful entrance to Nanu Kpop Guesthouse in Hongdae, where we stayed.We stayed at this Kpop inspired guesthouse in 홍대가라오케. Definitely nothing luxurious, but central and did the trick. What to do in Hongdae at night Hongdae Shopping street at night. Monkey Museum Owned by Seungri of Big Bang fame, Monkey Museum is an intimate hiphop lounge with a raucous crowd. D.Bridge This high-class lounge bar has a ultra classy setting in the exclusive Cheongdam area.

If you’re like me, I suggest trying to get a little taste of everything haha. Relax you definitely don’t have to spend a month in Seoul to make it happened 2 days in Hongdae is enough to get a good feel on how the area is. Hansinpocha This modern Korean tent bar became famous as a Korean-style singles bar where groups of boys would link up with groups of girls. They’re also famous for their mega spicy chicken feet. Club Cocoon Another one of the best clubs in Hongdae is Club Cocoon, which is always packed on weekdays as well.

There are plenty of restaurants in the area, but you could also easily do a streetfood hop in this area. You can find some really artistic souvenirs and gifts here from local artists. You never really know what you’ll find at the Hongdae Free Market but you’ll be sure to find some great things. Dream Plaza is a really cool creative staple in Hongdae.

The DJ plays bouncy songs from the last four decades that make you want to dance. By midnight all five bartenders are filling glasses nonstop, and at least 150 guests are taking up every inch of available floor space. Perhaps the most commonly mispronounced bar in Hongdae, Hodge Podge is “Hood-gee Pood-gee” to Koreans. The dance floor in the subterranean club is also packed, but the volume is lower and the crowd seems less interested in head-banging than at Sk@.

The reenactments of the 15th century Joseon are held twice a day. After it ends, you can take a walk around beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace. If you’re looking to find something more special, make a visit to Gyeonghoeru Pavillion which has recently opened to the public.

With 6,000 tickets available, that’s a whole lot of shaking going on. For those looking for evening fun, unleash your inner K-pop star at karaoke. Unlike American karaoke, where you’re expected to sing in a room full of strangers, Korean establishments rent group rooms by the hour—think of them as your own private recording studio. Choose your favorite songs in English or Korean, order snacks and drinks, and sing your heart out into the wee hours of the morning. As an established arts district, you’ll be able to spot street art and murals down many of the alleys and streets.

So, It is also a place where you can find its food industry is competitive to reach out to people. For example, in the case of Chimaek, which Koreans love a lot, There are lots of different tastes of chicken depending on the seasoning and brand. Fried chicken, a global food, is reborn in a Korean style.

Hongdae university, or Hongik University in English, was established in 1946 and is known as one of the best architecture and art schools in South Korea. Club Mass Known for its high energy clubbers, this famous house/trance/electro club in Gangnam is best experienced on a weekday nights. Daeo Bookstore Daeo Bookstore, the oldest used books store in Seoul, has been turned into a cafe where you can enjoy the traditional architecture and the traditional feel. Cafe Little Neck The ultimate brunch cafe for 11AM meet ups with friends over good food and coffee in a beautifully designed brunch cafe in the Itaerwon area. Korean Street Food – Myeongdong Want to indulge in Korean street food, walk the streets of Myeongdong to see all the classics as well as all the newest trends.

Honey Pig opened in 2007 as one of the first restaurants in the area to leverage the ssot-dduk-kung method of cooking deliciously tender Kurobuta pork and other proteins. The meat is cooked on a bowl-shaped grill (like an upside-down wok) at the table and piled with bean sprouts and kimchi. The ever-popular restaurant has even been featured on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats.

Hongdae is known as the neighborhood for the younger generation, but what to do in Hongdae? After spending a month in Seoul, a big part of that time, in Hongdae’s streets, this post is my 5 cents on what Hongdae has to offer. Korea is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to nightlife. For those in the know, know that Korea has legendary clubs that stay packed well past sunrise.

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