Permanent eyebrows are a popular cosmetic technique that uses permanent inks for the application of designs on the facial skin, including relining, eyebrow shaping, and other permanent changing colors to the upper lip, cheeks, and eyes. In general, the results produced by this technique last for many years.

Permanent eyebrows are available in numerous designs and shades. Depending upon the needs of their customers, some of them opt for the artificial or natural-looking eyebrows that are applied by a professional. A majority of them prefer natural-looking inks that give a natural appearance. These types of inks are made of pigments derived from plants, minerals, or even animal dyes. While the colors are permanent, these inks are fade-proof and can be removed easily after they fade out.

For those who wish to create a permanent eyebrows, they should remember that they need to undergo a thorough surgical procedure. They can do this by using eyebrow rings or other procedures. However, before choosing any of the surgical procedures, they have to ensure that it will not result in unwanted side effects.

The most popular type of permanent eyebrows is the use of a permanent inlay system that is applied by a professional. This system gives a natural appearance and lasts up to 20 years or more. While the permanent inlay system gives a natural look, permanent-eyebrow-stylists suggest the use of colored gel or pencils if desired results are desired. But they recommend that permanent-eyebrow-stylists refrain from using permanent-ink products for patients with sensitive skin.

Permanent eyebrows are very easy to apply, as long as the correct method of application is used. Most permanent-eyebrow-stylists recommend that their patients use a brush to apply the product to their eyebrows. Then, the colorant or pigment is spread evenly on the eyebrows. It is best that the colorant or pigment is chosen carefully so that it does not clump onto the skin and give a greasy look or feel.

Permanent eyebrows are best applied when the skin is dry, free from makeup, and free of dirt. The eyeliner or eyebrow brush is used to apply the colorant, then it is wiped off gently with a soft cloth. with warm water or cleanser to remove any residue.

After the eyeliner application, an invisible glue is used to fasten the colorant or pigment to the uppermost section of the eyelid. The eyeliner or eyebrow brush is used to sweep the glue over the upper eyelid to the outer corners. The upper eyelid is then removed and the colorant is wiped off gently. using a clean cotton cloth to wipe away any residue or ink residue left on the eyelids.

Permanent eyebrows are available for both men and women, and it is important that the colorant or pigment is chosen carefully, as it should not cause irritation or allergic reactions. It should also be used according to the guidelines and instructions of the doctor or professional, in which it was chosen.

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