Online games for boys will help your son develop his hand-eye coordination. A computer game is also useful in increasing your son’s memory. Playing online games also keeps your son’s mind sharp. Here are some good online games for boys to enjoy.

2) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Among the most popular first-person shooters available, CS: GO has been released on various computers and Macs. The storyline is futuristic and there are several levels where you can choose to be a terrorist or a spy. The sport is exciting and involves various strategies such as building defense to make the best use of cover and hiding weapons to kill your opponents before they reach you. You can also perform attacks and counter-attacks against the other team. The online games for boys in this series include CounterStrike Beta, CounterStrike Leauge and CounterStrike Global.

3) Need for Speed: Most motorized racing qq online games involve the use of trucks and there are many truck driving games for boys to enjoy. In this game, young boys have to compete with each other to complete a race course and collect cash rewards along the way. The best online games for boys in this series include Street Heat, Subway Crash and Grand Prix Legends.

4) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: This fast-paced online game involves two teams who try to defend the castle by attacking the other’s base. You are allowed to choose to be either a sniper a support player or an attacker. You can also choose to use a gun instead of a knife. The counter-strike game allows you to select from several different control schemes including first-person view and counter Terrorists. Some of the best Counter-Strike online games for boys include CounterStrike Alpha, CounterStrike Bravo and CounterStrike Demolition.

5) Battle fields: Star Wars Battlefront has been a very popular choice among boys. This is a strategy game where one or more groups must fight against the likes of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Your objective may be to destroy the enemy before they reach their capital ship. The exciting part of this game is that you can switch between the two teams during the battle using their side-screens. The best online multiplayer games for girls include Barbie Wars, Brat Hunt and Brats vs. Suet.

These are just some of the online multiplayer games for boys available for free on the internet. If you want your children to get involved in playing games, why not let them use their imagination and create their own games? They’ll be having loads of fun playing these fantastic online multiplayer games for free.

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