What makes a human believe in Gods? What makes a person accept God’s help or protection? The answer to this question may be the key to understanding the basis of faith and belief in a higher power. It all boils down to one fundamental thing. All of us have a need for things that we cannot fully supply for ourselves, at least not at this time.

What makes a human believe in a God, is the need to place something in the path of some sort of order, or some form of reward. Some may look at this as “hope” or an “oasis”. Others may look at it as divine intervention, or the intervention of spirits. A third class may look at it as something we do to get a reward from a higher power. No matter which explanation one chooses, the fact remains that religions are based on some sort of belief in a higher power.

All of the religious organizations claim to possess the answers to all the problems people face in this life. They tell us that they are the keepers of the secrets to the “word of God” and that they will bring the rule of God upon this world. In other words, they claim that they are the “light bearers” and that they will bring the “heavens down” and make the world safe again. What makes a human believe in gods can also be explained through the concept of the free will. Click here for more information.

All of these beings are bound to come into existence due to the actions of others, and are all part of the interconnectedness of everything. To a person who believes that there is a God, it would mean that all of these beings were created and have the attributes of God, including free will. The idea that free will causes people to behave according to what they think, feel, and desire, is not new to these beings, as centuries of observation have shown that this is indeed the case.

It is interesting that many religious groups maintain that there is free will and chooseability in everything. However, the fact remains that all of these beings have the same characteristics, including free will and the ability to reason and choose. When a person chooses to believe in a God, it is usually because of the advantages that they derive from doing so. In addition, what makes a human believe in Gods can also be explained by the existence of evil beings, who are against god and everything that he stands for.

The free will that humans have is not unique to them, and was found long before religion came into being. What makes a human believe in a God can also be traced to the physical universe. If there are beings existing in the universe that have the characteristics of gods, then there must also be individuals existing in the universe who have similar characteristics. This is because these beings exist in the physical world just like we do and have the same needs and wants that we humans have. So, if you ask “what makes a human believe in a God,” the answer might surprise you.

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