Tubers are starting to explore the world of what software do youtubers use for their videos. It has become more popular as time goes by because of how easy it is to make them, and the many options that are available to you. The pros and cons of different programs can be overwhelming, but in the end it will come down to your own personal needs.

One of the most common programs youtubers use is HDTVshotcut. HDTVcut was developed by a man named Jake O’Brien, and it is one of the most simple yet powerful editing software available for use on youtubers websites. You can import videos from you tube directly into this program, which is what makes it so useful.

Another popular video editing software that youtubers use is Green Screen. This is a green screen tool that you can add to youtubers shows to remove all backgrounds and cut out everything that wont fit in the video. It’s one of the best when it comes to removing all background clutter, making it perfect for youtubers with large collections to keep track of.

Video Editor is also another popular choice amongst youtubers. It is designed to allow you to import and edit video from you tube. It is feature packed with several advanced features such as adjustable width and height of the video, it has touch start/stop buttons, and you can use 2 simultaneous live events. It also includes an advanced event library feature, which allows you to have access to a variety of past events. This program is great for beginners and pro users alike.

The last program, we’re going to discuss is Final Cut Pro X. This is the professional version of Green Screen Editing and is designed for those that are looking to be in the entertainment business. It is fully programmable, allowing you to add music, transitions, and even text to your videos. It also has many advanced features including a lighting system, cinematic style keys, and chroma keying. It’s perfect for those that need a high end product to sell. This product doesn’t come cheap, but it comes highly recommended.

These are the three main programs youtubers use for video editing software. There are others that are available, but if you aren’t comfortable with some of the features or simply don’t want to pay the price for these programs, there are other programs available. You can find out what software is right for you below, and be on your way to editing your videos in no time.

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